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Biblical Studies 1

Introduction to the Bible
     How We Got the Bible
     History of the Septuagint
     How Was the Old Testament Formed?
     How Was the New Testament Formed?

Studying the Bible
     Literary Styles
     Individual Book Study
     Topical Study
     Character Study
     Devotional Study

Old Testament Survey
     Jesus Portrayed in the Old Testament
     The Pre-Incarnate Christ/Angel of the Lord
     Books of the Law
     Books of History
     Books of Poetry
     Major Prophets
     Minor Prophets

New Testament Survey
     The Gospels
     Acts of the Apostles
     The Epistles
          Romans to Corinthians
          Galatians to Thessalonians
          Timothy to Philemon
          James to Jude

Biblical Studies 2

Who Is God?
     God Is a Trinity
     Who Created God?
     Six Personality Traits of God
     Who Is God in Judaism?

Who Is Jesus?
     About Messianic Prophecy
     Son of God
     The LORD
     Son of Man
     The Word
     Light of the World
     Savior of the World
     High Priest
     Great Physician
     Other Names of Christ
     The Life of Christ

The Holy Spirit
     Gifts of the Holy Spirit
     Ministry of the Holy Spirit
     Baptism of the Holy Spirit

The Trinity/Godhead

Biblical Studies 3

About Salvation
     What Must I Do to be Saved?
     Is Baptism Required for Salvation?

     Introduction to Soteriology
     The Process of Salvation: Calvinism
     The Process of Salvation: Arminianism

Replacement Theology/Supersessionism

About Angels
     Angelic Hierarchy
     Fallen Angels

History of Christianity
     Pentecost to Official Roman State Religion
     "Middle Ages" to "Great Awakenings"

Christian Ministry

Biblical Forgiveness

Ministry Ethics

Christian Unity

Communion: Four Views

Using Parables

Praying with a Purpose

About Sacrifices

Biblical Counseling
     Christian Counseling
     Bibliocentric Crisis Counseling

Preparing a Sermon Exegesis

Common Events/Observances
     Child Dedications
     Infant Baptism

Extracurricular Studies

Genealogy of
Y'shua haMoshiach Chart

Jesus' Prayers, Parables, Miracles

Fulfilled Bible Prophecies
     Fulfilled New Testament Prophecies
     Prophecies Fulfilled by Jesus
     Fulfilled Messianic Prophecies

About Anti-Semitism

Timeline of Christianity

Once Saved, Always Saved?

Breath of the Almighty

Online Books

About Jesus —
Disciple's Handbook & Study Guide

Fulfillment of Prophecy — Undeniable Proof of the Messiahship of Jesus

Names & Attributes of God —
40 Best-Known Hebrew Names

Princes: Good & Evil —
Exploring the Prince of Peace
& the Prince of Darkness

Pure Christianity —
Biblical Perspectives

Revelation — For Such a Time As This

The Secret of Jehovah

About the Holy Spirit